Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Code Giveaway!

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Code Giveaway!Just under a year ago, The Pokémon Company released the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online on Android. For some unknown reason, they decided to only release it for Android tablets, yet it was compatible with almost any Android device…

On April 13th of 2016, we released a video showing you how to get the game on your Android phone and it was more successful than we ever imagined! We want to tell you thank you for your support and helping us make this video so successful.  To give back to you, we are holding a Pokémon Trading Card Game Online code giveaway!

This giveaway is for 20 Pokémon Trading Card Game Online codes (redeemable through the app or Online).  There will be 20 winners.  Each winner will receive one code, chosen at random.  All codes are digital only.  There are no physical prizes.  Winners must have a Pokémon Trading Card Game Online account to redeem their codes.  These codes are for single booster packs, booster pack combos (with three packs each) or deck boxes.  

Here’s the full list of the possible codes you could win:
Sun & Moon Booster Pack x7
XY – Steam Siege Booster Pack x5
XY – Evolutions Booster Pack x3
Sun & Moon Litten (Three Booster Packs in One) x2
Sun & Moon Togedemaru (Three Booster Packs in One) x1
XY-Steam Siege – Ring of Lightning Deck x1
XY-Steam Siege – Gears of Fire Deck x1

Pokemon TCG Online Code Giveaway!

Check out the original video here:

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