Clustertruck Now Available For NVIDIA SHIELD TV!

ClustertruckJust a few days ago, I received an email that was letting me know about a new game. That game was Clustertruck. The Play Store listing lists it as a “chaotic physics based truckformer.”  Although the tongue in cheek description was clever, what really got my attention was the introduction to the game in the email.  It read, “Imagine a game that combines the rules of the childhood game “The Floor is Lava” with the highway chase scene from Matrix: Reloaded, and you’ll have a good feel for Clustertruck.”

I was instantly intrigued and gave the game a go.  And the description fits perfectly!  In Clustertruck you are a brave (and somewhat stupid) person.  You start each level standing on the back of a moving semi-truck.  The goal is to jump from one roof to another and make it past the goal. It sounds easy, but it most definitely is not!  The trick is doing it without falling.  And if that wasn’t hard enough, sometimes the trucks crash into each other and you have to avoid the resulting accidents too!  The controls are very simple, the game is quick, and it is insanely fun!  And once you start playing, you won’t want to stop!

Clustertruck is available on the Google Play Store for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV.  It is currently $14.99.  You can download it here: Clustertruck NVIDIA SHIELD