Nekteck USB-C to Micro USB Adapter Review

NekTeck USB-C to Micro USB AdapterAs many of you know I have shopped around and have tried out a lot of USB-C cables and adapters.  I’ve tried about a dozen so far and have shared a few of the better ones with our readers.  Today I share with you another awesome adapter, the USB-C to Micro USB Adapter by Nekteck.

Previously I reported on the LightningKid Micro USB to USB-C Adapter and I am still a fan of that one but the NekTeck adapter is another great adapter that brings all the same features as the LightningKid.

The adapter comes in a small baggie and the adapter wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve.  The adapter is super small and barely reaches one inch in length.

The adapter conforms to USB-C specs version 1.1 and has a 56k ohm resistor that guarantees the greatest charging speed without damaging your device, the charger or the USB cable.

The body of the NekTeck adapter is almost 100% identical to the LightningKid adapter.  The biggest difference is that it comes in black with the NekTeck branding and not white with the generic USB icon.  The body of the LightningKid adapter was a bit rough around the edges and although the this adapter has a few rough spots it feels smoother overall.


Bensong Leung has also reviewed this adapter and has also given it his sign-off with a five-star review.

You can order the NekTeck adapter for $7.99 for a single adapter or get a two-pack for $8.99.  Hit up the links below to order yours!

Nekteck USB-C to Micro USB Adapter (Single)
Nekteck USB-C to Micro USB Adapter (Two-Pack)

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