Loftek: LED Floodlight

LOFTEK: LED FloodlightI just got myself a Jeep Wrangler and my timing couldn’t be better!  The nice people over at Loftek just sent me LED Floodlight to review.  The light is handy for when I’m working on the Jeep or for when I go out riding.

The Loftek LED Floodlight is nice and compact.  Despite its compactness, it is a little on the heavier side. It comes with 15 watts of power and puts out 650 lumens of light.  The light is so bright, it hurts the eyes when you look at it directly. The powerful light can be used for outdoor lighting in emergencies. The light not only functions as a floodlight but also has an SOS feature with flashing red and blue lights. For convenience, there is a fold-out kickstand that can also be used to hang the light from a hook. 

As an extra perk, the floodlight also has the capability of charging your mobile devices with the built-in 6,600 mAh battery.  The battery charges at 5V/2A.  The charger and charging ports are protected with rubber inserts.  These were somewhat difficult to pry open, but with a little work (and some help) they do open up.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the Loftek LED Floodlight.  I just need to remember to not look at it directly or let it shine in my eyes!