Level Up Your Game With The Gamdias Hermes E1 Mechanical Keyboard!

GAMDIAS Hermes E1 Mechanical KeyboardA long time ago, I had a friend with a Super Nintendo and a boring stock controller. We would regularly have Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter battles and I always lost. I went to the local game shop and found an awesome little invention, it was a Turbo Controller! I have no idea what brand it was and I have no idea how much I paid. What I do remember is that I was able to flip a switch on it and I wasted my friend. Over and over again!

I learned an important lesson that day. It doesn’t matter how bad I am at a game. If I have the right equipment, I can still beat somebody better than me! Some may argue that I had an unfair advantage, but the way I see it, I was just using my resources better than my friend did.

Today, I am here to tell you about a way that you can level up your gaming!  And you can do it without breaking the bank! I don’t get to do as much gaming as I used to, but I still enjoy an occasional round of Diablo 3 or Unreal Tournament. When I do, I now use my GAMDIAS Hermes E1!  The Hermes E1 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that is less than $100! Even better, it comes in a combo with the Demeter E2 gaming mouse and a free mousepad!  I’ve used GAMDIAS keyboards in the past and have enjoyed this one as much, if not more!

GAMDIAS Hermes E1 and Demeter E2With the Hermes E1 I have been able to level up my PC gaming, much like I did with the Turbo Controller, all those years ago. GAMDIAS has built the Hermes E1 with great attention to the quality, functionality, and style. The keyboard comes with a lot of great features including 256K of built-in memory, multiple profile support, backlighting (with customizable effects), anti-ghosting with a 21-key rollover, and more! The keys deliver a very satisfying clickety-clack, are very responsive, and they never stick!  Each key is rated with a life of 50 million clicks. That combined with the metal and plastic body of the keyboard ensure that it will last forever!

I suffer from some severe carpal tunnel so I am very picky about my keyboards. The Hermes E1 is just the right width and the spacing on the keys is perfect. When using it, I have very little, if any wrist pain. It also comes with a wrist rest and adjustable feet on the back so you can adjust the height and angle of the keyboard.

GAMDIAS Demeter E2The Demeter E2 gaming mouse is a great little mouse that features more buttons than you will ever need, a super long cable, adjustable lighting, and a DPI selector.  The best feature of the mouse is by far the DPI selector. With it, you can set the level of the DPI to give yourself a more fluid experience, or if you need it, a more steady and precise one.

If you are looking for a great keyboard that will last you a long time and give you better control gaming, you should definitely check out the GAMDIAS Hermes E1.  Order it here: GAMDIAS Hermes E1 Combo Pack