Pebble Watch – Four Years Old and Still a Great Smartwatch!

Pebble WatchIt took me four years, but I finally got my first Pebble Watch!  And today I’m going to tell you all about it.  The original Pebble Watch came out in January of 2013.  It is now nearing the end of 2017 so this watch is practically four years old!  Yes, the Pebble Watch is getting up there in years, but it is still a great product!  And in some ways, I actually prefer it to my newer, and much more expensive, Huawei Watch!

The Pebble Watch was one of the first successful Kickstarter campaigns.  When it was fully funded, it was the highest funded Kickstarter project ever!  What was it that made it so desirable that they were able to raise millions of dollars before they’d ever even made the watch?  What is it that makes the watch so good four years later that I am recommending it today?

The thing I love most about the Pebble Watch is the simplicity.  With a lot of newer smartwatches, there are dozens of gestures to remember, there are knobs to press, and dials to spin.  There are apps for this, and there are apps for that.  And that’s just the basics!  Yes, the Pebble Watch does support apps, but you can only install a few apps at a time.  The Pebble Watch doesn’t have a touchscreen so there are no gestures to remember.  It’s got a back button, an up button, a down button and then a confirm or “ok” button.  It’s super easy to learn and even easier to use.

Pebble WatchAnother feature that I enjoy is the battery life.  Pebble says that you can get up to five days of battery life on it.  I consistently average exactly that!  One of the reasons you get such good battery life is that Pebble uses an e-ink screen on the watch.  You don’t have the fancy touch screen you get with a lot of newer smartwatches, but you don’t need it!  Another advantage of the e-ink screen is that you can go to bed while wearing the watch and not have the light from the screen shining at you and keeping you up all night.

The Pebble Watch has a lot of other great features including waterproofing and a backlight that you can turn on to let you see the watch at night.

As for things I don’t like?  There’s really only one thing that I’m not a huge fan of, and that is the look of it.  When I wear it, I feel like I’m wearing a toy watch I got out of a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  It’s a good-looking toy, but a toy none-the-less.

If you can get over the look of it, the Pebble Watch is a great watch with some great functionality.  Even at four years old, and with hundreds of other smartwatches out there, the Pebble Watch is still a relevant piece of technology and is a great addition to any geek’s collection.

When the Pebble Watch was originally released, it sold for $100 USD.  Nowadays you can get it for between $30 and $50.  Mine was a refurbished one and I got it for $17!  If you’re looking for a good entry-level watch, or are looking to save some money, definitely look into the Pebble Watch.  You can order yours here: Pebble Watch on Amazon