Black Friday Comes Early To NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV!

SHIELD Black Friday SaleIt’s that time of year again! We all gather together with family and friends to celebrate the things that we are thankful for. We celebrate with lots of food, football, more food, some more food, and all sorts of other family traditions. In my house, we’re not very athletically inclined so we skip the football and other sports-like activities. If we tried all the fun sports things, it would be a family tradition that my wife would be taking me to the emergency room every year…  Fortunately, NVIDIA was kind enough to give us other ways we can celebrate. We use my NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV to play lots of less physical games together. With the SHIELD the worst injuries we get are wounded pride and sore thumbs!

Thanks to the SHIELD Black Friday Sale, we can try out lots of new games together! There are a TON of games on sale, both in GeForce Now and the Play Store. Discounts are anywhere between 50% and 75% off! The sale goes from 11/22/2017 through 11/27/2017.  Check out the full list below! We’ve highlighted our favorites in bold (be sure to get Ultimate Chicken Horse, if we could we would bold it twice!).

Don’t have an NVIDIA SHIELD TV yet? Now is the time to get one! They are $30 off on Amazon! Get yours here: NVIDIA SHIELD TV with Remote & Game Controller

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