LockerPin – It’s Not Cryptolocker

lockscreenEarlier this week news started circulating about a new mobile malware threat, LockerPin, that once installed on your device asks you to download an update patch, and then once permission is granted, it locks you out of your device by changing your lock screen pin. The app will then tell you that if you wish to unlock your device, you must pay a ransom of $500 USD or you will be turned over to the authorities for “illegal pornographic material” contained on your device.

Don’t fret! There are ways of combating this nuisance. First of all, most experienced users will, or should, sense that something is amiss with the request to download a patch. The patch claims to be patching Google Services, a service that updates regularly, and only, through the Google Play Store.

Secondly, it’s easily removed with a factory reset, however, your data will be lost. If you would rather not perform a factory reset, there are methods that will allow you to bypass the lock screen entirely. These methods are readily available with a simple Google Search and some of the more accurate include TrendBlog’s list of methodsScreen Lock Bypass Pro – an app that will cost you $4.20 (much less than the $500 ransom), or, if you’re technically savvy but not rooted, these methods courtesy of piraterex on XDA-Developers.

Rooted users will have less of an issue removing this nasty little app from their devices. Simply restoring a nandroid backup or factory reset and restoring their apps from Titanium Backup is sufficient, provided they’ve made recent backups…

Cerberus is a great app for rooted users that will allow you to remotely bypass your lock screen, give you the devices location, take a picture or wipe your device.

So fear not, if you do happen across this particular piece of Android malware, all is not lost!


Source Article: ArsTechnica