Godlike Gaming For Mortals – The Hermes Keyboard Combo

Gamdias - Hermes Mechanical Keyboard ComboIt has been a long time since I’ve had a mechanical keyboard and even longer since I’ve had a gaming keyboard.  I reached out to the folks at Gamdias and they were kind enough to help me out.  They sent me the Gamdias Hermes Lite Mechanical Combo pack.  The Combo Pack comes with the Hermes Lite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the Erebos Lite V2 Optical Gaming Mouse.

Gamdias derives their name from the acronym GAM which stands for Gaming Art in Motion.   Combine that with Dias, which is the Latin word for God, and Gamdias is literally the God of Gaming.  To that point, all their devices are given names from various members of the Greek pantheon.  Hermes was the messenger of the gods and was fast, intelligent and cunning.  Erebos was one of the five original gods born directly out of Chaos and was darkness personified.

Gamdias - Hermes Mechanical Keyboard ComboAs are most gaming keyboards the Hermes keyboard is a wired keyboard and plugs into your computer via a USB port.  The keyboard is well-built and quite heavy.  It comes with legs that you can pop out of the back to give you a more ergonomic typing position.  The keyboard itself is very responsive and every key press results in a satisfying and resounding click.  Try as I might, I couldn’t get the keys to stick and they never once missed a key press.  The keys were so sensitive that as I lightly rested my hands on them, certain keys would pick up the pressure and tell the computer I was pressing them.  I found this happened most often with the letter F but there were several other keys affected as well.

Much like the god from which the keyboard got its name, the Hermes keyboard is very quick and in its own way cunning.   The keyboard by itself has a variety of options and built-in capabilities.  You can change the brightness of the keys, you can disable the Windows key, lock all the keys on the keyboard and more.  The keyboard gains even more abilities when you install the Hera software.  From within the Hera software, you can enable the reactive lighting mode, set the timing of the breathing lighting, record macros, swap the Function and Windows keys, and much, much more!

Gamdias - Hermes Mechanical Keyboard Close-UpThe keyboard is very versatile and works well not only for gaming but also for daily and business use.  I work from home and am always working at the computer.  I have lots of documents to type up, a lot of emails to send and all the other things that come with the job.  This keyboard allowed me to do so comfortably and without any problems.

The Erebos mouse is definitely not your mother’s mouse.  Even though its name comes from darkness personified, the Erebos mouse really shines.  It is a beautiful mouse that fits comfortably in the hand.  The mouse comes with the standard left and right-click buttons and a scroll wheel.  It also features back and forwards buttons for use in web browsing.

The coolest thing about the mouse is the button directly beneath the scroll wheel.  At first, I thought that it just changed the color of the light on the scroll wheel. After playing around a bit I realized it did more than that.  The mouse comes with a default DPI of 1600, press the button and it changes not only the color but the DPI.  This gives the player a huge advantage, especially in first person shooters.  It allows you to increase your accuracy to insane levels.  Imagine taking a sniper head shot while running across the battlefield.  It isn’t impossible anymore!

Gamdias - Erebos Mouse Close-UpDespite this being a gaming mouse, you can use the DPI settings in graphic design and other areas.  I am not a graphic artist in any way.  But I do a lot of work with images and sometimes I need to do a little precision work.  Lowering the DPI on the mouse gives me the ability to do so.  Afterward, I can return to my standard DPI and use the mouse as usual.

I am extremely impressed with the Hermes and Erebos Lite.  Both have exceeded my expectations and work extremely well.  I would highly recommend the Hermes keyboard and Erebos mouse to anyone.  They are the definition of precision technology.  Add to that, they not only look great but they work great too!  They are worth every penny!

You can order the Gamdias Hermes and Erebos Lite from Amazon for $69.99 here: GAMDIAS HERMES Lite Mechanical Gaming Combo – Keyboard & Mouse (GKC1002).

Check out our full video review below.