Ultenic D5 Robot Vacuum Review – Full Review!

Ultenic D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Full ReviewI’m here today with a different type of review than what you’ve seen us do in the past. Typically, we like to review phones and products related to phones. Today, we’re branching out and we’re reviewing something a little more useful, the Ultenic D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

I will admit, when I first got the vacuum, I was a little bit skeptical. For those of you who know me, you know that I tend to be a bit more on the clean freak side of the spectrum. I’ve got three kids and a dog now and they’ve forced me to acknowledge that everything can’t be completely perfect, but it hasn’t stopped me from trying! My wife and I vacuum the house all the time. We’ve got a good solid Dyson vacuum that has taken great care of us for several years. There was no way that this little thing could clean as well as our regular vacuum. Well, I have to say, we’ve been very pleasantly surprised!

Ultenic D5 - Package ContentsThe first thing I noticed about the Ultenic D5 was the initial packaging. Nowadays, manufacturers try to get away with shipping you the absolute bare minimum. Phones aren’t coming with chargers or headphones anymore. Toys don’t come with batteries and vacuums don’t come with extras. This one did! There were batteries for the remote, there were extra brushes, a special tool for cleaning the brushes, and everything else you’d ever need!

I immediately pulled everything out, put a few pieces together, and plugged it in to charge. After about 90 minutes, it was fully charged. I got out the instructions, set up the app, and told it to start vacuuming. I left it in our family room and it vacuumed for about 50 minutes before it needed to recharge. In that time, it vacuumed in the corners, under the couch, and almost every section of carpet in the room! I pulled out the dust box and was blown away by how much this little guy was able to pick up! I had just vacuumed the day before with my trusty Dyson and there was way more nastiness in that dust box than I thought I had in my whole house!

Ultenic D5 - After VacuumingAfter recharging, I tried it again in my office. I’m proud to say that it managed to be a little bit cleaner than the family room, but it still picked up a lot more than expected! I did the same in our children’s rooms and the master bedroom. It was the same in every room!

The D5 is very versatile and works well on carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. The vacuum comes with several cleaning modes and can even be controlled manually with the app or the included remote control. It is less than three inches tall so it can fit under just about any couch and clean in tight nooks and crannies. It comes with various forms of obstacle avoidance and can clean without knocking stuff over or damaging things that have been left on the floor. I live in a house with a lot of stairs and I was a bit worried about it falling down them, despite my best efforts, I was never able to get it even close to falling!

There is an optional mopping attachment for the D5 that I was also excited to try. It, unfortunately, didn’t work too well on my hardwood floor, but I can see it working well on floors that aren’t as reflective as ours.

In summary, I would recommend the D5. It was able to clean much better than I thought it would and was very thorough. I do need to throw in a few caveats though. The D5 worked much better in smaller rooms than it did in large rooms. In larger rooms, it tended to get “lost” and would vacuum the same spots over and over again. If there are a lot of obstacles in the room, it could struggle to get the whole floor on a single charge. It will go and recharge itself and start again, but it would be much quicker to just vacuum it yourself. But again, as well as it vacuumed, it is worth it to just start it before going to bed and letting it clean the room while you sleep. The only other thing I would point out is that if you have a home like mine, you almost need to have one for every level of the home, or you need to unplug the dock and take the vacuum where you need it to vacuum next.

As long as you’re ok with those two caveats, I am going to tell you to go and get the vacuum right now! You can order it here: Amazon – Ultenic D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you’d like to see the vacuum in action, check out our review video on YouTube!