Android Experiments – Google’s New Showcase of What Android Is Capable Of

Yesterday Google announced a new initiative titled Android Experiments.  It is meant to give developers an area to not only show off their innovative and creative apps but to also see other developers’ apps in action.

All apps are required to be open source so that  not only can others see the apps in action but can build their own Android Experiments based off the source code.

Currently there are 20 apps available with everything from cameras, games, watch faces for Android Wear, live wallpapers and more!  I tried a few of them out and my two personal favorites were Landmarker and Inkspace.

Landmarker is a new take on a map with a textual interface, that relies on the compass, GPS and other sensors in your phone to determine what landmarks you are looking at.

Inkspace is a fun little drawing app that takes your scribblings and turns them into 3D art.

If you have something you want to contribute Google gives you the option to submit your own experiment.

The video below shows some pretty awesome concept apps and shows a great start to the initiative.  As Google’s blog post states, “Each project challenges in small and big ways how we think of the devices we interact with every day.”  Check them out and let us know what you think!

Source Link: Android Experiments