Samsung Testing a Gigantic 18.4″ Tablet

Samsung is well known for pushing the boundaries of size when it comes to their phones but they are now apparently doing the same with their tablets.  Just a few days ago reported a document leak detailing devices being tested by Samsung.

Samsung 18.4" Tablet

The highlighted line from the document reads “SAMPLE SAMSUNG TABLET PC, M2M (S.S-18.4)(FOR TESTING & EVALUATION PURPOSE & WILL BE DESTROYED) (NOT FOR SALE)”.  It shows the device is being tested in South Korea and it appears that seven of them are being delivered there by Delhi Air Cargo.  The estimated value of the devices is 32,371 Indian Rupees which is about $500 USD.

Currently Samsung’s largest tablet on the market is the Galaxy Tab Pro with a 12.2″ display.

I have owned several tablets in various sizes including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy Tab 2, a Note 10 and several others.  I ended up returning the Tab 2 and Note 10 not to long after purchasing them as the Tab was too small for my needs and the Note 10 was too large.  I really enjoyed the eight inch size of the Note 8 and stuck with it for quite some time before switching to an Nvidia Shield.  Although I personally prefer the eight inchers I wouldn’t be opposed to trying out the 18.4, I just don’t know what I would use it for or how often.

What do you guys think?

Source Link: Droid Life