The Future of Chainfire’s SuperSU

SuperSU_LogoAnybody who has ever rooted their phone knows who Chainfire (Google+ | Twitter | XDA) is and have probably used his app, SuperSU.  Chainfire has been instrumental in changing the world of rooted devices, especially Samsung devices, by giving us not only SuperSU but many other apps and utilities that allow us to root our devices, customize them and enhance their capabilities.

SuperSU is Chainfire’s most famous app as it is the most commonly used.  SuperSU is an Superuser rights access manager that allows you to control what apps are given full Superuser (root) access.

As previously stated, Chainfire has a lot of different projects that he is involved in, over time he has become more involved in them and his passion for SuperSU has slowly began to die down.  To that point Chainfire connected with Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC (CCMT) who will be taking over SuperSU.

CCMT is a newly founded company that was founded solely for the purpose of taking over SuperSU.  Chainfire indicates that although he is not at liberty to give specifics, the individuals behind CCMT are involved in the root scene and several popular root apps.

CCMT will be taking over the long-term development and maintenance of SuperSU but Chainfire won’t be completely retiring yet.  He has committed to being involved for at least the next two years while slowly phasing out of the project.

It has been a long road with Chainfire at its helm for close to six years now.  It has definitely been a fun ride and even though his involvement with SuperSU will be missed it will be exciting to see what else he has in the works.

In the meantime show your support to Chainfire and purchase SuperSU Pro from the Play Store!

Source Link: Google+ | XDA-Developers