TAG Heuer’s $1,500 Smartwatch

TAG Heuer ConnectedI have to start off by saying my wife is the most amazing woman in all the world.  The other day we were talking about Christmas and what to get for our kids.  She then asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  Before I had a chance to answer she said that rather than getting me several small meaningless gifts she wanted to get me something big that I would enjoy for a long time and something that I really wanted.  Before I had a chance to answer she asked me if I wanted a new phone, then she asked me if I wanted a new watch and I think she would’ve kept on going but I quickly stopped her and agreed, I wanted a new watch.  She made me promise to let her know once I found the watch I wanted so she could shop around and try to find a good deal on it.  I promised to let her know as soon as I found the one.  Then I saw the announcement of TAG Heuer’s new watch.  I quickly sent her a text with a link to the order page!

The TAG Heuer comes with a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel processor, 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB of internal storage and a 410 mAh battery (TAG Heuer claims it will have a minimum of 25 hours of battery life).  The watch is 1.5 inch circular screen and seven different watch band colors.

So yes, my wife is the awesomest woman in the entire world and I’m sure that if we had the money she would get me this watch in a heartbeat.  I like my watches and I would love to add this one to my collection but I think I’ll have to hold off on getting it for now.  I’ll probably go for putting the Asus Zenwatch 2 or something similar on my Christmas list this year.

Check out the videos below for more details and to see the watch in action!

Source Link: TAG Heuer