Honor 8 Rumored To Be Getting Nougat In Two Days?

Honor 8 - Close UpThe Honor 8 is one of my favorite phones of 2016.  It was a great phone with great features and even better looks.  The biggest downside to the phone was that it came with EMUI.  EMUI is a skin that Huawei/Honor has built on top of stock Android.  It is responsible for many of the great features on the Honor 8, but it comes at a price.  Many of the unwanted features made your Android device look more like an iPhone.  One of my most popular YouTube videos to date is a video showing you how to replace the EMUI launcher with Nova Launcher (a more stock-ish launcher).

Honor has heard users complaints and has taken action to fix EMUI.  EMUI 5.0 will bring a lot of enhancements, cut back some of the iPhone-ish features, and most importantly, update the Honor 8 to Android Nougat (7.0).

Honor 8Honor previously announced that the Honor 8 would be getting an update to EMUI 5.0 in February.  Last night PR Times of Japan posted that the update would be hitting earlier than previously announced.  According to their post, the update will hit on January 16th in Japan and roll out to users over the next month.

It remains to be seen if PR Times is correct with their posting.  I for one am hoping they are!  I love my Honor 8 and can’t wait to see the latest build!

Source: PR Times | Android Authority