Droidsgiving Part 2 – By The Numbers

Pile of NumbersMany of you may or may not know this but I actually have a day job.  I wish I could do Android stuff as my full time job but unfortunately that doesn’t pay the bills.  For about the last decade I have been working in the world of payroll accounting.  Over time I have come to have a strange attraction to numbers and enjoy looking at them and playing around with them.  Once our last giveaway, Droidsgiving Part 2, was wrapped up I decided to do a little bit of number crunching and see what kind of demographics we were getting.

  • Droidsgiving Part 2 had a total of 9,278 entrants.
  • Several of our entrants were pretending to be celebrities, world leaders and characters from popular TV shows.  We had entries from Kim Jong Un, April O’Neil, Armin Van Buren, Briar Rabbit, Celine Dion, Cecil Williams, Eddie Bauer, Tom Cruise, James Bond, Lucifer and more!
  • We also had about twenty variations of ASDFGH and QWERTY.
  • The average number of entries per user was 20 entries.
  • One user had a total of 564 entries (almost all from referring friends)!
  • All together there were a total of 189,003 entries!
  • 4,756 were invalid (people creating fake accounts and referring themselves for extra points).
  • The valid 184,247 entries came from 134 countries and one anonymous proxy (most likely from China).
  • Droidsgiving 2 Entries by CountryThe five largest contributing countries were the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Canada and then the Philippines.
United States 29.67% 54,671
India 18.62% 34,307
United Kingdom 3.84% 7,006
Canada 3.13% 5,760
Philippines 3.09% 5,690
  •  The two smallest contributing countries were Belize and the Northern Mariana Islands.  Both had one entry each.
Sorry if I’ve bored any of you but I had fun crunching the numbers and looking over the results.  I just wanted to share what I thought were cool numbers.  🙂