What Happened To Final Fantasy 7 on Android?

Final Fantasy 7Back in August of 2015 we were met with some news that made us happy and sad all at the same time.  Final Fantasy 7 was going mobile!  The sad part was that it was only going to iOS initially and Android wasn’t given any official release date.  iOS users rejoiced and Android users hoped that they would get to enjoy Final Fantasy 7 on their mobile devices shortly after their iOS friends.

Four months later and we still have no “official” word from Square Enix as to if or when Final Fantasy 7 will be released on Android.  There were rumors that it would come during the holiday season but those never came to fruition.

For many of us Final Fantasy 7 was THE Final Fantasy.  Some of us were too young to know the joys of the other earlier games and were introduced to the games through Final Fantasy 7.  Some of us had parents who didn’t believe in gaming systems and weren’t old enough to earn the money for a game system until they were much older (that was me).

When Square Enix started releasing Final Fantasy games to Android we all got excited and kept hoping that 7 would be next.  With Square Enix announcing that Final Fantasy 9 would be coming in 2016 to both Android and iOS the question remains, where on earth is Final Fantasy 7 for us Android users?!


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