CM13 Snapshots Now Available For Several Devices!

CyanogenMod LogoEarly this morning (or late last night depending on your timezone), CyanogenMod went to Twitter and posted a link to an announcement on their blog.  The announcement is one that many people have waited for and there have been many complaints around the community that nothing official for CM13 (CyanogenMod’s version of Marshmallow) had come out.  Today, the official snapshots are out and users of roughly 40 different devices can rejoice!  CM13 is really here!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with CyanogenMod’s development process, they have several different build types, everything from Nightly builds to Stable builds.  Nightly builds are builds that are released every 24 hours.  These Nightly builds contain new and experimental features and are generally unstable.  Stable versions are builds that have all or nearly all of their issues revolved.  A Snapshot build falls right in the middle of the two but more towards the Stable side of things.

CM13 has been available for several devices for a while now but only in its Nightly form.  Today we move towards a Stable version of CM13 with the release of the Snapshots.

There are several devices included with a lot of Nexus, LG, Oppo, Xiaomi, Motorola devices and more!  Check out the full list and release information at the CyanogenMod Blog.

Source Links: CyanogenMod Blog | CyanogenMod Wiki | Twitter