Nexus 5X Case Wars Parts 1 and 2!

LG Nexus 5X Case Wars!I’ve always been a fan of using a “naked” phone.  Now before you guys think I’m a pervert, when someone is referring to a “naked” phone they are referring to a phone without a case.  I’ve never been a big fan of putting a case on my phone as I’ve always felt that it makes things to bulky and the protection offered is generally pretty minimal.  I’ve recently had to revise my opinion.  Phone manufacturers have gotten better and better at reducing the size of their devices and case manufacturers have done the same with their cases.

Not to long ago I was presented with the opportunity to do some reviews of several different phone cases for my Nexus 5X.  Altogether I tried out seven different cases.  Of those seven, two were same in almost every way so I only count six of the reviews.

We tried all sorts of cases, from slim fits, two piece cases, fashion cases and more!  Check out the videos below to see my reviews of the six that I reviewed and see for yourself which one you like the best.  Links to the cases are at the bottom of this article or in the video descriptions on YouTube.

PLESON LG Nexus 5X Clear:
CellEver LG Nexus 5X Thin Fit Grip:
Centra LG Nexus 5X Snap:
Verus LG Nexus 5X High Pro Shield:
Tudia LG Nexus 5X Ultra Slim Bumper:
Tudia LG Nexus 5X Slim Fit MERGE: