Pokemon Go Plus Accessory Available For Pre-Order!

Nintendo Pokemon Go PlusPokémon Go is quickly coming our way with a release date in July.  For those of you who want to up your game and Catch ‘Em All without having to keep your eyes glued to your phone, you can now pre-order the Pokémon Go Plus from Amazon for $34.99.

The Pokémon Go Plus is a wearable that works with the game to help you find and catch Pokémon in the Pokémon Go augmented reality.  From what I gather, the wearable will track your position (probably through GPS or more likely via Bluetooth while paired with your phone) and when you come near a Pokémon it will vibrate in order to notify you that the Pokémon is nearby and ready to be caught.  Rather than keeping your phone out and screen on you can wait for the notification from the Go Plus before needing to pull out the phone.

The release date is now listed as December 31, 2016 but based off the recent news stating that the game would become available some time in July, I would assume that this is just a placeholder until a firm release date is available.

Get ready to Catch ‘Em All and order yours today!  Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus