iClever XFree Mini Wireless In-ear Earbuds

iClever XFree Mini Wireless In-Ear EarbudsI recently got my hands on the iClever XFree Mini Wireless In-Ear Earbuds. They are a nice pair of earbuds! The earbuds are quite light and have great sound quality. They did not sound tinny and have a good range of both treble and bass, which made for a pretty enjoyable listening experience.

The package comes with a short USB cable, replacement ear buds and replacement ear fins (used for stability). The replacements come in several different sizes to accommodate any ear size. In addition to the replacement pieces, the box also includes a nice little bag for storage.

The buds themselves are magnetized to keep the ends together for ease of storage. I find the magnetic aspect a bit gimmicky, but it doesn’t take away from the product.

The inline controls include everything I look for in earbuds. You can control phone calls, volume, and playback as well as advance or go back with the tracks that are playing. The buttons are positioned nicely so that I can easily find which one to press without having to look, which is difficult since they are not in the line of sight.

Pairing the buds with my Pixel on the recently released Android Oreo was seamless. Phone calls were easy to manage, however, the sound quality was intermittent for me. Sometimes the calls were crisp, sometimes staticky, and sometimes broke up. People I was calling reported they could hear me clearly even when I had difficulty hearing them.  If you were to use these just for music playback (or movies/TV/video) I would recommend them.  Order your own pair here: iClever XFree Mini Wireless In-Ear Earbuds