Review: iClever BoostSound Speakers

iClever SoundBoost SpeakersThe kind folks over at iClever came through again with three different BoostSound Bluetooth Speakers for me to review. These included the BTS08, BTS07, and BTS06. All three of these have pros and cons.  All three of the speakers only come in red.  Each speaker came with a short USB cable and a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable. None of them included the wall charger adapter. All three connected to my Pixel phone as well as to an iPhone 6 immediately.

None of these speakers had separate volume control buttons.  The Next and Back buttons also control the volume.  However, I was not able to get the volume to change on any of them without using the volume control on my streaming source.

Here is a quick overview of the speakers.

The BoostSound BTS06 is a 10W speaker with Dual drivers. It is the smallest, lightest (7.52 ounces) and most portable of the three speakers. Not only is it more portable but it also has a bit of a rugged design. In my opinion, the BTS06 has the best sound quality of all three, with an even level of bass and treble.  Overall it has a crisp, clear sound. There is a built-in microphone that works well with phone calls.  It claims to have about eight hours of play time before needing a charge. It has a nice clip that you can use to attach to your bag or something else for hands-free use. The controls on this speaker are on top of the device. The on-off button, micro USB port, and auxiliary jack are on the side behind a rubber enclosure.  The BTS06 comes with an IPX5 sweat proof rating. 

iClever SpeakerThe BoostSound BTS07 is a 6W speaker and has the weakest sound of the three. The bass was not strong and the treble was a bit on the tinny side. For the size, it was a bit on the heavy side (1.2 pounds). Play back time is around ten hours before needing a recharge. This one also has a microphone that sounded okay on calls. The buttons on top include Play, Pause, Forward, and Back.  Similar to the BTS06, the on-off button, micro USB and auxiliary jack are concealed on the back behind a rubber cover.  Despite the cover, there is no waterproof rating to this one, so I would not risk it at all.

The BoostSound BTS08 was the largest and most expensive of the bunch. The sound quality was excellent and almost as good as the BTS06, but the bass was not as powerful, even though it has two 10W speakers inside. It claims 14 hours of play time before needing a charge. There are no covers for the power, micro USB, and auxiliary jacks on the BTS08. There is absolutely no claim of water resistance on this one. This one also has a microphone which worked well with calls and same setup of buttons including Play, Pause, Next and Back.

Of the three of these, I would recommend the BTS06 or the BTS08 for quality sound.  If you are looking for a portable device with great sound, go with the BTS06.