Family Sharing and Gifts Coming to Google Play

Google Play Store LogoLast week Android Police managed to get their hands on a new build of the Google Play Store and were kind enough to treat us to a teardown of the app and let us know what was in it.

Android Police did give their usual disclaimer stating that their conclusions are based on strings and features of the app that are not actually available.  These changes may or may not make it in to actual production so this could all just be speculation.

One of my biggest complaints about apps in general, be they on the Google Play Store or from another market, is that they can’t be shared without pirating the apps.  I have several different Google accounts, all with their own list of purchased apps, and I am unable to share apps between them.  My wife also has several Android devices and there are a lot of apps I would like to share with her but I can’t unless I add my account to her device.  She doesn’t like that because then she starts getting my emails, calendar notifications, and etc (yes, I know I can disable them but sometimes I forget to).

This new version of the Play Store makes it look like Google has heard the pleas of help from those in situations like mine.  Android Police discovered several strings with phrases like, “Create a family”, “My family”, “My Family Library settings” and more!

They also discovered other strings that indicate other features many individuals may find useful with things like, “Send Gift (similar to Personalized Christmas Gifts)”, “Enter recipient email address” and “If the recipient does not want this gift, you can send it to someone else.”

Android Police did a much more detailed write-up but needless to say, I am excited and hope that they are right in their findings!

Check out their original story for the full details and the download link to the apk.

Source Link: Android Police