Gmail v6.0115234454 Released With RTF and Instant RSVPs!

Gmail v6.0115234454Today Google announced some much-needed updates they are rolling out in this latest version of Gmail for Android.  According to Google, more than two-thirds of all Gmail users check their email with their phones.  Despite this Gmail for Android has never supported Rich Text formatting and calendar invites were always awkward to work with.  Google heard our pleas for help and today they released version 6.0115234454.

The new release allows you to bold, italicize and highlight text in emails from within the app itself.  No more copy and pasting between apps and hoping the formatting stays.

For a while now you’ve been able to use the Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange to send and receive calendar invites.  Before today if you wanted to compare a calendar invite to your calendar you had to change apps, hope you remembered the time right and then compare it to your calendar.  This could be an especially big pain if you work in multiple time zones and forget to convert the time to account for the time zones.  The Instant RSVPs feature set now allows you to not only respond to them but it now displays your agenda for the time around the invite so that you can decide whether or not to accept the invite.  It even does the time zone conversions for you!

If you haven’t seen the update yet you can try the Play Store or download it directly from APK Mirror.

Source Links: Gmail Blog | Android Police | Play Store | APK Mirror