Allo and Duo – Two More Messaging Apps From Google

Allo & DuoYesterday we saw a lot of announcements come out of Google I/O.  Two of the announcements were met with both excitement as well as some bewilderment.  The announcements in question were the announcement of Allo and Duo.  Both apps enter a market already saturated with messaging apps, several of which already come from Google.  The questions everyone is asking are, “Why?” and “What?”  Why would Google decide to add two more messaging apps to the equation and what do they have to offer?

AlloIn short, Allo is a “smart messaging” app.  It takes advantage of a built-in AI that gives it the ability to take a message and respond to it.  It learns from your behavior and messaging habits and learns and begin to craft responses according to that behavior.  You can use the responses in one-on-one or group chats.  But it doesn’t end there, Allo will also incorporate a plethora of other features built around a smart search function, basically Google in an app.  No longer will you need to have multiple apps open to send a message to your wife about the dinner reservations you’ve made, you make the dinner reservations in Allo and send them straight to her.  And for when you need it, Allo comes with an incognito mode for those private conversations and browsing.

DuoThe other new addition is Duo.  At its core Duo is Google’s solution to FaceTime and Skype.  It is a video messaging app that will allow you to connect to other Duo users and chat with them.  Functionally it sounds a lot like Google’s existing Hangouts video messaging but with a few extra perks.  The app is built so that it defaults to a 720p resolution but scales it down to accommodate available bandwidth and connection speeds.

Both apps will be available on Android and iOS sometime in the summer of this year.  Google has confirmed that Hangouts will continue to be developed and will not be replaced by either of the new apps.

Preregister for Allo here: Google Play Store – Allo

Preregister for Duo here: Google Play Store – Duo

Source Link: Google Blog