Woddo Keyboard – Gaming On The Cheap

Woddo Gaming KeyboardI’m not as into gaming as I once was, but I still appreciate a good keyboard. That is why I got excited when my friends at Woddo, asked me if I would give one of their new keyboards a try!

The Woddo Gaming Keyboard is what some may call a “Poor Man’s Mechanical Keyboard.”  It gives you the performance and feeling of using a mechanical keyboard, without costing an arm and a leg to do it.  You can get it on Amazon for $21 USD!  On top of that, the keyboard comes with some other great features as well.  

The Woddo Gaming Keyboard is a USB keyboard.  In this day and age, everyone wants wireless, but using a wired keyboard gives you more power and less latency.  In layman’s terms, that means you don’t have to change the batteries, and the keyboard is more responsive.  The extra power also allows you to do other cool things, like lighting up the keys!  The keyboard comes with 104 LED backlit keys that produce up to seven different colors.  Personally, I really like the orange and red.  But if you can’t pick a single favorite, there is also a breathing mode that cycles through all of them!  

Woddo Gaming KeyboardAnother great perk is that the keyboard is water and spill resistant.  Now, it’s never a good idea to intentionally spill something on your keyboard, but if you did,  the Woddo Gaming Keyboard will be safe from harm!

I really like the keyboard but I do have one issue with it, the bottom.  It has anti skid pads on it, which are great, but it doesn’t have any feet or risers.  I like to use my keyboards on a slight incline and I can’t do that with this keyboard.  I have carpal tunnel pretty bad and I find that typing on an incline helps reduce some of the pain from it.  If the keyboard had that, it would be my primary keyboard!

All in all, it’s a great keyboard with great performance.  I’ve really enjoyed using it and would recommend it to anyone (as long as they don’t mind it sitting flat vs. on an incline).  If you want the Woddo Gaming Keyboard, you can order it here: Woddo Gaming Keyboard