Speck Presidio Cases for the Pixel 2 Review!

Speck Presidio Cases for the Pixel 2A few weeks ago the kind folks at Speck sent me three different cases for the new Pixel 2.  It took a while for me to actually get my Pixel 2, but it finally arrived last week!  So I was finally able to start playing with the cases.

 The three cases Speck provided were the Presidio Show, Presidio Clear, and the Presidio Grip.  All three cases are extremely well made, sturdy, and they all fit comfortably in the hand. All of them had proper cutouts for cameras, microphones, and ports. The buttons are not cut out but are fitted in the case. At first, it was a bit difficult to engage the buttons, but I eventually, got the hang of it.

In terms of protection, they all come with a “military grade drop protection” rating. This refers to a testing standard that involves various drop tests, from different heights, on different surfaces.  The Presidio Show and Grip both have a 10-foot rating for their drop tests.  The Presidio Clear has an 8-foot rating.  I will be honest here; I am taking their word for it and am not planning to drop my new $800 phone to verify the claims.

The Presidio Clear and Show are made with a very clear material.  But be prepared, fingerprints show big time on them. The Grip is really grippy case, with built-in grooves and a raised pattern to make it even grippier.

Without a case, the Pixel 2 just feels right in the hand.  But if I were to pick a case, I would be going with Speck’s Presidio Grip!  If you’d like to order one for your Pixel 2, you can do so using the links below.

Presidio Show: Amazon
Presidio Clear: Amazon
Presidio Grip: Amazon

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